Visit To Stormont 12/10/2012

District Governor Jack Cunningham signs the visitors book

31 Rotarians and Partners went on a trip to Stormont, where on arrival we were given a talk on the history of the building, and then we went into the Chamber where we were given some more information. Tom Elliott joined us and we had a tea/coffee reception in a room on the first floor. We also held a short Club Meeting here and Tom gave us an overview on what happens in Stormont.

Following this we had a walk around the first floor and saw the various offices where the different parties work from. We then had the opportunity to go into the Chamber and hear a live debate – Sammy Wilson was outlining the Finance Budget. There were some witty exchanges between the various speakers during the debate.

After this we had a nice lunch in the Visitors Restaurant and this was followed by a short tour of the Media Studios in the basement of the building. Some members did manage to get a few points across under the watchful eye of the duty cameraman on the day – Michael Skuce. After the traditional photocall on the steps below Lord Carson we left for Police Headquarters.

District Governor Jack Cunningham signs the visitors book

The group was split into four parties and we were given a guided tour of the Memorial Gardens by former officers who outlined the history of the RUC . We visited another part of the Garden which had records of all serving police officers who had died in action and officers who died in service. A new section has just been finished for the PSNI officers and is due to be officially opened shortly. We finished up the tour with a visit to the Museum.

Special thanks to Tom Elliott MLA for organising the Stormont Visit and also Michael Skuce for arranging the visit to Police Headquarters. All the members enjoyed the day out.