Visit to Letterkenny Club 11th Sept 2012

President Kenny and the Group Study Exchange Team

President Kenny, Past President Jenny and President Elect Roy attended the lunchtime meeting of the Letterkenny Club in the Station Hotel, Letterkenny on 11th September. The Letterkenny Club were hosting the Group Study Exchange Team from New Zealand from Sunday until Thursday.

President Hazel Russell outlined the places where the team had visited to date, including sightseeing in Donegal, trip to Malin Head and walking Derry's Walls. The Group also met up with members of the Londonderry Club for dinner.

The team members gave a brief outline of their family and job and where they were located in N. Z. The team all come from the lower part of the South Island.

President Kenny and the Group Study Exchange Team

President Kenny exchanged club pennants with the team leader Innes McMillan and also with Hazel Russell. Both of them also exchanged gifts with President Kenny.

A very enjoyable afternoon was had by all and we look forward to meeting up again with the team at Conference. The team will move on to Limavady and Ballymoney over the next few days, before moving South to Wicklow to continue their tour. They leave Ireland just after the Galway Conference on Monday 8th October.