Just One Life

president Ken with members from Monaghan and Sligo Clubs

The Club recently welcomed members of Monaghan and Sligo Rotary Clubs to our evening meeting at the end of January. The speaker was Barra Flynn a member of Monaghan Club and he gave a presentation on a Road Safety Campaign entitled "Just One Life" which they have been running successfully now for six years.

The campaign is geared towards Secondary School pupils in the North Monaghan area. The original idea was developed in Sydney, Australia and was brought to Ireland by the Wexford Rotary Club. Barra has a personal interest in the programme in that he had a brother killed in a hit and run road traffic accident in 2002 and he understands what it is like to have sad news delivered to a family as a result of an accident.

The programme is run as a one day event based at the Hillgrove Hotel in Monaghan, and usually caters for up to 400 16-17 year old teenagers. Agencies taking part include: An A & E Consultant; a mother of a sixteen year old victim; Garda Traffic Corp; Rally School Ireland; local Fire Brigade; Ambulance Personnel and a local undertaker.

The morning session consists of talks from some of the agencies involved along with some video presentations. In the afternoon the students are split into groups and have a chance to participate in some driving tests and also see the Fire Brigade dismantle a car.

The overall objective of the day is to save lives on our roads, create a culture of Road Safety amongst young drivers, reduce speed on our roads and encourage them to spread the word in the community.

It is hoped that the Enniskillen Rotary Club will organise a similar event in the coming months.