Killadeas Sensory Garden Project

president Ken on-site

The President of the Rotary Club of Enniskillen, Ken Rainey has chosen as his main charity for the year the development of a sensory garden and recreational area at the local Killadeas Day Care Centre based in Enniskillen. The project was initially mentioned to President Ken by Lord Brookeborough who attended a Club Meeting to initially launch the project in Summer 2015. Also at the meeting was the Centre Manager Patricia Griffith who outlined the plans.

The centre was originally started to provide day care opportunities to those with learning disabilities, but it has now grown to include seven centres throughout Fermanagh. The main centre in Enniskillen provides day care facilities such as therapeutic rooms, multi-sensory and soft play rooms, it is open Monday to Friday each week.

Initially there was a green area which could be used to provide outdoor facilities to include a recreational area with suitably designed swings for adults and other specialised outdoor leisure equipment. There will also be space to provide an outdoor garden area for growing vegetables and flowers in raised beds to accommodate those who are in wheelchairs. An outdoor facility such as this is like a dream come true for the service users who attend the facility and those who support them.


The initial plans were drawn up and approved by everyone concerned, and they agreed that the project should proceed. The estimated cost to develop the site, purchase all necessary equipment and make it ready for use would be in the region of £40,000. It is hoped that the project would be complete by Summer 2016.

The first sod was cut in November 2015 and the project is currently on schedule with all the ground work complete and tenders are being sought for the specialised equipment required. The project also received a boost with local company Balcas based in Enniskillen providing all the timber required for fencing the entire perimeter area.

President Ken is delighted with the progress, and his fund-raising efforts have surpassed his expectations with £32,000 being allocated to the project to date. The Club is thankful for the District Grant received amounting to £6,500 and District Governor Declan Tyner recently visited the site and was really impressed with the Project and the benefit it will give to the service users.