Rotary Guest from New Zealand, Mr Norman Brookes

President Ken with Norman Brookes

President Ken Rainey and Club Members were delighted to welcome former member Rev. Norman Brookes to the Club meeting on Monday 20th July. Norman is currently on a four month vacation from his home in New Zealand. He has had various stop-overs on his trip to Northern Ireland and is currently visiting friends in Fermanagh, before moving South to visit friends in Cork. He also stopped off with former Enniskillen Rotarian Trevor Anderson whom he became friends with during his time as a Rotarian with the Club from 2004 to 2006. During this period Norman served as Methodist minister in the Lisbellaw/Tempo area, Norman recalled that he enjoyed his time in the Club and two of his lasting memories are: standing at the Diamond at Christmas during the Santa Mobile appeal when he managed to suffer severe ear-ache from the wintry conditions, and then following that, he was visited at his home by the Club Welfare Officer Archie who brought him a much appreciated basket of fruit.

Norman joined the REMUERA Rotary Club on moving to New Zealand and is a Past President. He informed us of some of the work being done by the Club, which included organising a one week VIP (visually impaired) Camp for teenagers, Club Members managed this along with help from University students. One of their main fund-raising events was a Charity Golf competition which raised 10 - 12 thousand N. Z. dollars. Sadly the Rotarian who organised this is no longer with the club. Norman also outlined the devastation caused in Christchurch during a recent earthquake, and the rebuilding work which is currently going on there. Norman retired in 2013 but is still involved in a local church.